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The 2023 InnoTech Expo concluded successfully, with cross-domain innovative technologies leading future trends

The physical exhibition of the "2023 Taiwan InnoTech Expo"concluded successfully on Oct 14th. During the exhibition period, it attracted nearly 50,000 visitors. Together with outstanding inventors of this year, they witnessed the scientific research achievements. Furthermore, they hope to continue discovering cross-disciplinary invention technologies through this exhibition and through international invention exchanges, making Taiwan an international hub for research and development transactions. This year's Taiwan InnoTech Expo continued its "Three Theme Pavilions and One Area" presentation format. The "Innovation Pilot Pavilion" featured a semiconductor zone, where leading semiconductor companies like Realtek, MediaTek, Powerchip, TSMC, and Innolux showcased semiconductor technology applications in key areas such as automotive devices, artificial intelligence, and displays. This demonstrated Taiwan's strong capabilities in innovative research and development. In the "Future Tech Pavilion," highlights included AIoT smart applications, zero-emission technology, biotech pharmaceuticals, medical materials, and humanistic technology. National Taipei University of Technology exhibited the "MovableBag+: Substitutional Robot for Immersive Boxing Training with E ncountered-Type Haptic" (Movable Punching Bag), which uses encounter-based haptic feedback technology to simultaneously train a boxer's punching and footwork while integrating VR visual feedback, creating a multi-sensory mobile boxing training system that attracted numerous visitors to experience the thrill of boxing. The "Sustainability Pavilion" was a collaborative effort between various government departments, including the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Environment, the Ministry of Labor, the Industrial Development Administration, the Energy Administration, the Department of State-owned Enterprise Affairs, and the National Atomic Research Institute. It showcased 111 technologies under the themes of In Circular & Regenerative Technology, In Carbon Reduction & Sequestration, and green energy technology. Semisils Applied Materials Corp., Ltd exhibited patented technology for recycling and regenerating semiconductor waste slurry. This technology separates silicon dioxide, silicon carbide, sodium silicate, and green hydrogen from the waste slurry produced in the semiconductor industry and provides recycled materials to the industry, encouraging various sectors to join the green supply chain. The highest honor in the Asian invention world, the "Platinum Award," was announced at the awards ceremony this morning. The competition for inventions in this session included nearly 530 entries, covering various fields such as semiconductors, information and communications, biotechnology, machinery, and daily necessities. A total of 11 platinum awards, 81 gold awards, 92 silver awards, and 152 bronze awards were presented, totaling 337 award-winning works. The National Atomic Research Institute was the biggest winner of this session, receiving 2 platinum awards, 4 gold, 3 silver, and 5 bronze awards, a total of 15 medals. Foreign invention areas, including the Korea Invention Promotion Association (KIPA), the Indonesian Invention and Innovation Promotion Association (INNOPA), and the National Research Council of Thailand (NRCT), made significant achievements when they visited Taiwan. The exhibition also provided opportunities for cross-disciplinary research and development talent exchange between countries, with the hope of showcasing more innovative ideas in the future. The three-day exhibition of the "2023 Taiwan InnoTech Expo" has successfully concluded. The next session will be held from October 17 to 19, 2024, at the Taipei World Trade Center, continuing to play the role of the best exhibition for showcasing inventions and innovation and facilitating exchanges. Figure 1: A total of 337 awards were presented in the invention competition this session, with the National Atomic Research Institute winning 15 medals, making it the biggest winner in the domestic invention area. Figure 2: The invention competition awards ceremony was held on the morning of the 15th, with awards presented to the winning inventors by Liao Cheng-wei, Director of the Intellectual Property Office of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. Figure 3: The three-day exhibition of the 2023 Taiwan InnoTech Expo has successfully concluded, attracting nearly 50,000 visitors to participate in the field of innovation and research and development.

Direct Look at Future Tech Pavilion Highlight Technologies: Smart Healthcare and Clean Zero Technology Showcase New Innovation Power

The "2023 Taiwan Innotech Expo (TIE) - Future Tech Pavilion" is focusing on four major technology areas this year: "AloT & Smart Applications" "Humanity" "Bio-tech, New Drugs & Medical Devices" and another "AloT & Smart Applications." Among these areas, "Net Zero" has received Low-cost Alkaline Seawater Electrolysis for Hydrogen Pro duction: The Device and Technology, as well as a Hydrogen metallurgy: Hydrogen-rich Blast Furnace Digital Twin System to serve as a key element in driving the circular economy, making it a highlight technology in the exhibition. The Future Tech Pavilion highlights technologies in four main areas, revolving around smart healthcare and innovative startups in the field of Bio-tech, New Drugs & Medical Devices. The Future Tech Pavilion brings together over 150 research teams, startups, and key industries. In the "AloT & Smart Applications" section, innovative AI applications for healthcare are showcased, highlighting technologies such as Taipei Veterans General Hospital Ear Scale App Hearing Screening System: Early Detection of Hidden Heari ng Loss for Early Treatment, National Cheng Kung University's wireless Bio-signal Acquisition System and Platform for Diagnosis of Car diovascular Disease, National Taiwan University's Algorithm for 24-hour Blood Pressure Estimation by Smart Watch, and National Tsing Hua University's Motion-Based AI Contactless Technology - m’AI touch. In the "Bio-tech, New Drugs & Medical Devices" field, the featured technologies focus on medical priorities such as cell therapy, next-generation gene sequencing, including China Medical University's Bispecific Nanobody-Engineered CAR.BiTE-γδT Cell Therapy with Allogen eic Potential, National Tsing Hua University's Catalytic Powering the Next Wave of Genetic Medicines Through Superior Delivery, and National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University's Degradable Implantable Flexible Microelectrode Patch with High-Resolution Electrical Stimulation, Electrophysiological Signal Sensing, and Cellular Regenerative Therapy, showcasing Taiwan's research and development capabilities in the field. Bringing Together Taiwan's Research Strengths to Develop Net Zero The "Net Zero" area features research results from 15 research teams at universities and colleges across Taiwan. This includes components and technology for Low-cost Alkaline Seawater Electrolysis for Hydrogen Pro duction: The Device and Technology from National Sun Yat-sen University, Low Carbon Rice - An AIoT Rice Harvest System with Low Carbon Emissions from National Chung Hsing University, and All-Paper-Based Moisture-Powered Battery from National Taiwan University of Science And Technology. All of these innovations are expected to contribute to Taiwan's efforts to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. In addition to forward-looking research from academia, the "Net Zero Forum" on October 14th invited Bill Liao, a partner at Silicon Valley venture capital firm SOSV, to discuss new opportunities in the face of global climate change and a working group focused on promoting Taiwan's Net Zero solutions. In a comprehensive panel discussion, representatives from various sectors discussed topics such as how the government can use technology to assist businesses in reducing carbon emissions, how Taiwan's energy transformation can utilize innovative technology, and the challenges faced by businesses in promoting ESG initiatives, with the aim of finding the best solutions for carbon reduction through Net Zero. Humanity Stage:  Intersection Between Tech & Sports for Innovative Applications In the "Humanity" exhibition area, Chengda University's intelligent badminton court solution, which uses inertial sensors and low-latency video streaming to improve hitting efficiency, and a real-time intelligent analysis and recording system for soccer events that paves the way for future automated soccer broadcasts by capturing game scenes and analyzing team formations, are showcased. On the last day of the exhibition, October 14th, the "Humanity Stage:  Intersection Between Tech & Sports" event will take place, focusing on solving problems that athletes face in athletic training and competition from the perspective of sports science research. It is expected that this event will promote interdisciplinary research to develop optimal solutions for maximizing the potential and performance of athletes and driving economic development in the sports industry. The event will feature athletes such as "Taiwan Butterfly King" Wang Guan-Heng, "Taiwan Boxing Queen" Chen Nian-Qin, and "King Kong Wei" Du Bao-Wei, along with their coaches. Chen Nian-Qin and Du Bao-Wei will demonstrate punching sandbags and boxing in the metaverse, giving the audience a glimpse of international-class boxing performances.

TIE 2023: Uniting Taiwan and Global R&D Achievements for a New Height in Technology Exhibition Experience

Step into the future at the prestigious 2023 Taiwan Innotech Expo (TIE), a major international showcase of cutting-edge technologies, unfolding its grand debut today at the Taipei World Trade Center Hall 1. This eagerly anticipated event, brought to life through the collaborative synergy of 11 prominent government agencies, is set to capture visitors’ imaginations with three thematic pavilions, “Innovation Pilot,” “Future Tech,” and “Sustainability,” and the “Invention Competition” area. Besides inviting nine of Taiwan’s leading semiconductor companies to demonstrate their advanced solutions across every facet of the semiconductor supply chain, TIE 2023 has gathered a remarkable array of innovative technologies spanning diverse application areas. These encompass the realms of net-zero, aeronautics & space technology, cyber security, 5G AIoT, biotechnology, circular economy, green technology, etc. In total, the event boasts an impressive display of over 1,000 technology-related items that are sure to captivate and inspire. TIE 2023 Seamlessly Integrates Exhibitions Onsite and Online to Provide an Amazing Journey of Technology Innovations Apart from the physical exhibition, TIE 2023 has also launched an exciting and diverse online exhibition. Within each thematic pavilion, visitors will find not only exclusive promotional videos and live event pages but also a wealth of technical information presented in a highly attractive multimedia format. Moreover, there is an automated recommendation system that guides visitors to related technologies, making it effortless for them to curate a collection of their favorite innovations. The event this year comes with a host of fresh features, including the electronic business inquiry form, the digital exhibition map, and the all new registration system for ongoing activities in the exhibition. All of these enhancements are designed to streamline participants’ experiences, helping them seize new opportunities and bolster their competitiveness. Online Exhibition: October 6th,2023 to March 6th, 2024 (Website) Image 1: "Image of UMC, a silicon foundry business, focuses on the technology application of wafer-level probe cards to provide a comprehensive testing solution, meeting the testing needs of high-speed computing in AI, data centers, 5G, and automotive electronics. Image source: Ministry of Economic Affairs." Image 2: "The Future Technology Pavilion held a discussion on 'Disruptive Innovative Technologies in Space Tech' featuring organizations from Japan's JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) and Taiwan's National Science Council, National Space Organization, National Cheng Kung University, Yei Chien Technology, and Create Future Technology. They discussed disruptive innovations and the latest advancements in space technology. Image source: Ministry of Economic Affairs." Image 3: "The Sustainable Development Pavilion focuses on the three major themes of 'Circular Regeneration,' 'Carbon Reduction and Collaboration,' and 'Green Energy Technology.' Image source: Ministry of Economic Affairs."

The Ministry of Agriculture coordinates the Sustainability Pavilion of the Innotech Expo, showcasing 113 innovative technologies!

The "2023 Taiwan Innotech Expo" was grandly showcased on the 12th. The "Sustainability Pavilion," coordinated by the Ministry of Agriculture in collaboration with seven agencies/units, focused on "Net Zero Emissions" and jointly displayed 113 innovative technologies. In addition, the International Zone of the Sustainability Pavilion invited 10 international institutions from Europe, the United States, South Korea, and other countries to showcase advanced technologies and products related to green energy, circular economy, and smart technology. The aim is to facilitate technology transactions and accelerate the commercialization of technological innovations by connecting businesses and academic institutions at the exhibition. The Ministry of Agriculture stated that in alignment with the three main themes of the Sustainability Pavilion, namely "Carbon Reduction & Sequestration", "Green Energy Technology", and "Circular & Regenerative Technology" 39 technology research and development achievements with commercial potential were displayed. These include "Technologies for the mass production of parasitoid wasp capsules and the airdrop using unmanned aerial vehicles" developed by the Hualien District Agricultural Research and Extension Station, which can enhance application efficiency by up to six times and reduce pesticide usage by 25% to 50%. Additionally, Kaohsiung District Agricultural Research and Extension Station developed the "Self-propelled pineapple intelligent spraying flower inducer machine", which operates seven times more efficiently than manual labor. Taitung District Agricultural Research and Extension Station developed "Gac Fruit Aril Separator Machine and the Recycle and Reuse Technology of the Residue", which increases manual labor efficiency by more than four times. The Livestock Research Institute created a "The modulation technology of Brewer's grain silage applied in feed for native chicken", which reduces feed costs by 18.1%. The Ministry of Agriculture further explained that the Taiwan Innotech Expo has become an important platform for marketing technology across borders. To create a well-functioning research and development trading platform, the Sustainability Pavilion has invited international agribusinesses from Brazil, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, South Korea, the United States, and other countries to jointly showcase advanced technologies related to intelligent livestock management and the inspection of agricultural and livestock products in the International Zone of the pavilion. Among the participants, Royal Peterson and Control Union from the Netherlands provide global sustainability verification services for industries and their supply chains. Belgian company Unisensor SA demonstrated a groundbreaking platform for testing antibiotic residues and toxins in animal products. South Korean company Yook Hwa Chemical displayed a new bio-material as the first line of defense, which can suppress soil pathogens and harmful pests. American company TORO focused on smart agricultural water resource management by showcasing a dual-line irrigation control system. The goal is to introduce advanced foreign technologies at the exhibition to expedite the development of industries in Taiwan.

Taiwan InnoTech Expo will showcase over a thousand innovative technologies

The 2023 Taiwan InnoTech Expo's physical exhibition will start on the Oct 12th and is set to showcase over 1,000 innovative technologies. In the "Semiconductor" exhibition area, there are expectations of displaying technologies related to automotive devices, artificial intelligence, probe cards, and displays. This exhibition has also invited nearly a hundred institutions from 21 countries, including the United States, Canada, Germany, Japan, and South Korea, to present more than 137 technologies, with notable companies such as 3M, Infineon, Siemens, and Oxford Instruments participating.   According to the Industrial Development Administration, MOEA,"2023 Taiwan Innovation Technology Expo" will bring together research results from 11 government departments. It will feature three major thematic pavilions: "Innovation Pilot," "Future Tech," and "Sustainability," as well as an "Invention Competition Zone." A total of 430 domestic and international companies and research institutions will participate, showcasing over 1,000 innovative technologies. The online exhibition is already underway, and the physical exhibition will begin on the 12th day.   This year, institutions from 21 countries, including the United States, Canada, Germany, Japan, and South Korea, have been invited to present more than 137 technologies, including major companies such as 3M, Infineon, Siemens, and Oxford Instruments. This exhibition aims to facilitate in-depth international technological exchange, helping Taiwanese companies stay abreast of the latest trends in technology applications, promoting industrial upgrading, and advancing international cooperation to position Taiwan as a hub for the exchange of international R&D results.   The "Innovation Pilot" pavilion will showcase seven major themes, including "Semiconductor," "Unlocking Technological Treasures," "Smart Mobility," "Net-Zero," "Healthcare," "5G AloT," and "Cyber Security." In the "Semiconductor" exhibition area, there are expectations of presenting top semiconductor technologies related to automotive devices, data storage, semiconductor manufacturing, artificial intelligence, probe cards, and displays. Quanta Display Inc. will introduce the "Smart and transparent translation service desk" which combines AI and advanced interactive technology to provide a smart visual experience.   In the "Net-Zero" section, the Grid Storage Technology, recommended by Small and Medium Enterprise and Startup Administration, MOEA and the winner of the Innovation Research Award, will be showcasing its "Battery cell solution and module design for multiple application" which consist of lithium carbonate battery cores and can be used in energy storage systems and uninterrupted power supply for unmanned transport vehicles.   In the fields of Healthcare and smart mobility, Department of Industrial Technology, MOEA will display the "Artificial Ligament for Hard-Soft Tissue Repairing" which uses biomedical composite materials to enhance bone growth and promote tissue growth by enclosing artificial ligaments to prevent wear and tear. Additionally, the Ministry of National Defense has developed a "Military Powered Exoskeleton" with characteristics like light weight, quick response, and high torque, aiming to enhance mission efficiency and reduce the physical burden on individual soldiers.   Under the "5G AloT" and "Cyber Security" themes, the National Development Council recommends the "High-Precision LEO Satellite Tracking System" by Basetech Co. Ltd., which is completely self-developed in Taiwan and can target distant and fast-moving objects. It plays a crucial role in ground terminal equipment and anti-aircraft systems for next-generation communications. The Industrial Development Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs will showcase "AI Defense and Analysis Technology in Industrial Control Field" using deep protocol analysis technology to enhance internal data security for enterprises.   The "Future Tech" pavilion gathers the latest global research and technology in four major technology areas: "AloT & Smart Applications", "Humanity", "Net Zero" and "Bio-tech, New Drugs & Medical Devices." It delineates technology's innovative impact on industries and daily life through three main themes: "Semiconductor," "Aeronautics & Space Technology " and "Precision Health."   In the "Semiconductor" section, over 30 breakthrough technologies and advanced materials and processes for future chips in AI, sensors, communications, and energy efficiency are exhibited. In the "Net Zero" area, the "Value-Added Smart Environmental-Friendly Real-Time Meat Freshness In dicator for Meat Products- Value-Added Technology of Agricultural Waste" is showcased, which is developed from the upcycling of fishing industry waste compounds. It aims to indicate the freshness of meat in real time. The "Bio-tech, New Drugs & Medical Devices" section presents a "An effective and safe first-in-class new drug for abdominal pain in irritabl e bowel syndrome" which is expected to address medical needs for irritable bowel syndrome pain, with projected annual sales of 1 to 3 billion US dollars after market launch.   This year, the Sustainability pavilion focuses on "Creating a Livable Taiwan" with three main subtopics: "Circular Regeneration," "Reducing Carbon and Increasing Trade," and "Green Energy Technology." Highlight technologies within this pavilion are primarily applicable in agriculture, energy, and manufacturing. They include the "Technologies for the mass production of parasitoid wasp capsules and the airdrop using unmanned aerial vehicles" which enhances the efficiency of parasitic wasp control material deployment by six times, aiding in pesticide reduction and environmentally friendly cultivation practices. The "Break-out detection warning device for volatility organic substance canister" uses miniature gas detectors for real-time monitoring, featuring vibration and LED indicator lights for filter replacement alerts.   Lastly, "The innovative technology that turns waste into treasure – Silicon Dioxide regenerated from semiconductor waste that contains Silicon" in the "Semiconductor with Silicon Waste Recycling" section focuses on recycling silicon waste generated during semiconductor manufacturing. It transforms this waste into high-value silicon dioxide for brand customers' use and refines green hydrogen to 5N purity for power generation and hydrogen-powered vehicles. The "High-Efficiency Solar Cell Components for Artificial Satellites" are domestically developed solar cells for satellites, breaking the 30% efficiency threshold.

TIE 2023 will opening this October showcase over 1,000 Innovative Technologies and Demonstrate Taiwan’s Strong R&D Capability

The 2023 Taiwan Innotech Expo (TIE), one of the largest annual technology exchange events, will be held this October. Online previews of related exhibitions will be available on October 6th, and physical exhibitions will commence on October 12th at the Taipei World Trade Center (TWTC). Through a diverse range of virtual and physical methods for showcasing products and services, attendees will have the opportunity to experience the latest technological achievements from Taiwan. This year, TIE will display the results of 11 R&D projects supported by the government of Taiwan across three themed pavilions: “Innovation Pilot,” “Future Technology,” and “Sustainable Development.” Additionally, there will be an “Invention Competition Zone.” TIE 2023 will feature participation from 430 domestic and international organizations, with more than 1,000 technological innovations on display.                                                                                       Furthermore, following the attention it received last year, the “Semiconductor Section” of TIE will continue to invite Taiwan-based companies involved in IC design, wafer foundry, and OSAT. The nine leading companies that will showcase the island’s R&D strength in the semiconductor industry ecosystem include Realtek, Phison, Etron, VIS, PSMC, MPI, Innolux, A.I. Memory, and DeepMentor. TIE Serves as a Bridge for Facilitating International Technological Exchanges TIE 2023 has invited nearly a hundred organizations from 21 countries, including the United States, Canada, Germany, Japan, and South Korea. World-class companies such as 3M, Infineon, Siemens, and Oxford Instruments will demonstrate over 137 technologies. Among the participants are four major Japanese startups and a delegation from Japan’s Ibaraki Prefectural Government. The event is expected to facilitate substantial technological exchanges, thereby enabling Taiwan-based companies to stay updated on the latest trends in the development of emerging technologies and related applications. The event is also expected to assist the island’s industries in their upgrades and international collaborations. The goal of TIE is to promote Taiwan as the pivotal platform for the exchange of goods and services resulting from international technological R&D. Physical Exhibition: From October 12 to 14th, 2023, at TWTC Online Exhibition: From October 6th, 2023, to March 6th, 2024 (Website)

2022 Taiwan Innotech Expo (TIE): Combining Virtual and Real, with 18 Countries and 69 International Corporations Participating in Over 1500 Business Negotiations

The 2022 Taiwan Innotech Expo (TIE) was jointly organized by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the National Science and Technology Commission, the Council of Agriculture, the Ministry of National Defense, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Labor, the Ministry of Health and Welfare, the Environmental Protection Administration of the Executive Yuan, the National Development Commission, and the Academia Sinica. The physical exhibition closed on October 15. This year, the event adopted a dual-track approach with both physical and online exhibitions. Over 293 domestic and international institutions participated, showcasing nearly 1200 innovative technologies, including 114 cutting-edge technologies presented by 69 international corporations. International semi-official organizations such as the National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) of Thailand and the Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association also participated in the exhibition in person for the first time since the pandemic, hoping to establish partnerships with Taiwanese industries. The physical exhibition took place from October 13 to 15 and attracted more than 18,000 visitors. The opening ceremony was attended by the Chairman of the National Science Council, Wu Cheng-Chung, the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Chen Cheng-Chi, and the Deputy Chairman of the Council of Agriculture, Huang Chin-Cheng. They showcased Taiwan's interdisciplinary innovation and research and development achievements to the international audience. The online exhibition of TIE lasted for 10 days, attracting over 210,000 viewers and resulting in more than 1,500 business negotiations. This demonstrated the high anticipation and success of the TIE exhibition, even during the pandemic, and the event concluded with great applause. Combining Innovation, Sustainability, and the Future in 3 Pavilions The Taiwan Innotech Expo featured over a thousand innovative technologies across four pavilions: "Pavilion of Innovation," "Pavilion of Future Technology," "Pavilion of Sustainable Development," and "Pavilion of Outstanding Inventions." The event included six international forums, over 40 seminars, and technology presentations, providing opportunities for international collaboration and cooperation in technology between Taiwan's research and industrial sectors. Additionally, there were activities such as cross-border remote technology presentations and online matchmaking to showcase Taiwan's abundant research and development capabilities in various fields. Eighteen groups, including the Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association, the German Nuremberg International Invention Exhibition ROC delegation, Hon Hai, and Wistron, enthusiastically participated in the event. The online exhibition of the 2022 Taiwan Innotech Expo is open until March 10, 2023, and interested individuals and businesses are welcome to participate online through the official website.

Highlights of the 2022 Taiwan Innotech Expo: Sneak Peek of Featured Exhibits

Taiwan Innotech Expo 2022, jointly organized by 10 government departments, will be held in Taipei World Trade Center Hall 1 from October 13th to 15th. With participation from over 400 domestic and international exhibitors and school groups, as well as exhibitors from countries such as Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, and Ecuador, the event will showcase over a thousand innovative technologies. This exhibition is an annual event in the Asian invention community, providing more opportunities for communication and collaboration among our country's businesses and inventors.   The "Invention Competition" this year features over 500 entries, highlighting the prolific inventiveness of domestic inventors. Among the showcased works revealed prior to the press conference on October 4th, there is the "Decision Diagnosis Method and Apparatus for Autonomous Driving with Decision" from the Vehicle Research and Test Center. This innovation integrates vehicle control commands, road environmental information, and vehicle dynamic information to determine whether the vehicle's driving behavior is reasonable and make corrections, addressing the issue of increased uncertainty in AI decision-making models. The "Automated Portable Real-time Total Bacterial Count Detection System and Method" developed by the Fisheries Research Institute of the Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan, is a portable, rapid, and highly accurate system. It not only significantly enhances quality control capabilities and competitiveness but also requires no specialized personnel for operation, making it a significant contribution to public health and food safety in our country. Additionally, a team from National Taiwan Ocean University presents a "Power Generation Shock Absorber" suitable for general electric vehicles. It converts part of the energy during shock absorption into effective electrical energy, thereby improving the driving range of electric vehicles, in line with the electric vehicle policies advocated by various countries worldwide.   The three major thematic pavilions, "Sustainable Development," "Future Technology," and "Innovation Leadership," organized by various departments, are another focus of the Expo. The "Sustainable Development Pavilion" features 107 selected technologies that hold a responsibility for environmental sustainability. In the press conference, the "Offshore Wind Farm Algae and Bivalve Cultivation for Marine Carbon Sink Application" from the Penghu Marine Biology Research Center of the Fisheries Research Institute, Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan, was showcased in advance. This innovation not only effectively enriches fisheries resources but also absorbs a significant amount of carbon dioxide during the algae growth process, playing an important role in carbon reduction and carbon sequestration goals. The "Future Technology Pavilion" focuses on technologies for the next 3 to 10 years. An example is the "Early Warning of Sudden Death with Deep Learning and Internet of Things Blood Oxygen Machine" technology showcased by the School of Medicine, National Taiwan University. It's the first AIoT continuous blood oxygen detection system with early warning function for sudden death using artificial intelligence. This will provide monitored individuals with ample time for medical treatment in the future. This year, the "Technology Innovation Excellence Award" and "Future Technology Award" are introduced for the first time, exhibiting outstanding works from both domestic and international recipients, gathering global benchmark scientific and technological research in Taiwan.   The "Innovation Leadership Pavilion" this year introduces a special "Semiconductor Zone." It invites 10 internationally renowned semiconductor industry leaders such as TSMC, MediaTek, Winbond, and Realtek to participate. This zone also presents multiple innovative technologies, such as Quanta Computer's "APAL 5G MR Mixed Reality Glasses," the world's only 5G MR mixed reality glasses. Currently used in smart factories, industrial manufacturing, education and training, seminars, and other fields, they will be further integrated into various industries and people's daily lives in the future. Through the Expo, a more advanced vision of the future world is depicted.   The Taiwan Innotech Expo 2022 focuses on showcasing future technologies and is dedicated to bringing a more convenient and friendly life to the people of Taiwan. Interested attendees are welcome to register in advance for the exhibition. During the exhibition period, entry is granted with a QR Code for industry visitors, and general visitors can fill out a questionnaire on-site for admission. For more exhibition information, please visit the official website at https://www.inventaipei.com.tw. The diverse range of exhibits at the Taiwan Innotech Expo 2022 focuses on future technologies and will inspire visitors with even more imagination about the future. (Photo provided by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council)

2022 Taiwan Innotech Expo: Innovating Sustainability and Integration, Leading the Future World

 2022 Taiwan Innotech Expo (tie) successfully concluded its physical exhibition today (15), attracting over 10,000 professionals, researchers, industry experts, and the general public to attend. The online exhibition will continue until October 20, providing a seamless and borderless interactive platform for domestic and international inventors and visitors to engage in discussions and business opportunities. This allows exhibitors to fully grasp domestic and international business opportunities. The online exhibition will end on October 20, so don't miss out! Online exhibition link: https://online.inventaipei.com.tw/zh-tw/index.html Innotech Expo is presented in three halls and one zone, showcasing the themes of "Future Tech (FUTEX)", "Sustainability", "Innovative Leadership," and "Invention Competition." It focuses on innovative technological capabilities in industry, academia, and research, driving industrial upgrades and international technological exchanges. The "Innovative Leadership Hall" features a semiconductor section for the first time, showcasing Taiwan's prominent players such as TSMC, MediaTek, Winbond, and Realtek as key contributors to the global semiconductor industry. Additionally, the application of semiconductor technology in conjunction with "Biotechnology" is demonstrated, such as the world's first detection product that combines semiconductor technology with biotechnology. This product can accurately detect various targets, including genes, viruses, bacteria, and cancer cells, within 30 minutes, achieving a precision rate of over 95%, which greatly benefits human health. The exhibition not only presents the complete supply chain of the semiconductor industry but also the "IDB Ministry of Economic Affairs Industrial Development Bureau Smart Display Life Hall" planned by the Smart Display Industry Alliance for cross-domain collaboration. The hall's theme is "New Technologies, New Applications, Creating a Better Life." It invites display manufacturers such as AUO, Innolux, Chunghwa Picture Tubes, and E Ink to showcase innovative solutions applied in areas such as medical care, retail, mobile devices, and entertainment. The solutions are presented through immersive scenarios to provide visitors with a deeper experience. The exhibition displays Taiwan's smart display industry technology achievements and aims to apply technology more widely in daily life to create a smarter and more convenient living environment for the public. The "Future Technology Hall" focuses on sports technology and precision health. With the theme of creating a happy and healthy Taiwan for all ages, the hall showcases smart sports technology to promote public health. The exhibition introduces various medical technologies into scenarios such as living rooms, study rooms, and bedrooms to easily illustrate the future concept of medical technology transitioning from hospitals to homes. The "Sustainable Development Hall" plays a vital role in showcasing carbon reduction and green energy technologies. It brings together achievements from various government departments, such as the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) constructing a hydrogen energy industry development platform through research integration. Additionally, the first hydrogen energy production, transmission, storage, and application demonstration and verification field in the Shalun Smart Science Park is established to take a critical step toward Taiwan's net-zero emissions target. The "Invention Competition" is one of the highlights of the exhibition. The platinum awards, which symbolize the highest honor in the Asian invention community, were announced today. This year's competition featured 520 entries covering a variety of fields, including semiconductors, optoelectronic LCDs, information and communications technology, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, machinery, and daily necessities. After two rounds of evaluation, including written and on-site reviews, a total of 310 awards were presented, including 14 platinum awards, 89 gold awards, 92 silver awards, and 115 bronze awards. The biggest winner in the school invention section was the team from National Central University, which received 1 platinum award, 7 gold awards, 3 silver awards, and 8 bronze awards, totaling 19 medals. In the foreign invention section, the Indonesian Invention and Innovation Promotion Association (INNOPA) and the National Research Council of Thailand (NRCT) both achieved outstanding results, receiving 1 platinum award, 1 gold award, 2 silver awards, 3 bronze awards, 7 gold awards, 8 silver awards, and 5 bronze awards, respectively. A participating team from Ecuador expressed that aside from showcasing their research and development achievements, participating in the exhibition and interacting with diverse industrial inventors inspired them to generate more innovative ideas. Innotech Expo has become one of the most important exhibitions in the global invention community, offering a rich exhibition experience through works from exhibitors from 20 countries around the world and providing an excellent platform for interaction and exchange among exhibitors.    The 2022 "Taiwan Innotech Expo" successfully concluded with resounding applause. The next edition will be held from October 12 to 14, 2023, at Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition Hall 1, continuing to provide the best exhibition stage for invention and innovation. Image 1: The award ceremony of the invention competition was held on the morning of the 15th. Ms. Hong Shu-Min, Director-General of the Intellectual Property Office of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, presented the highest honor, the platinum award. Image 2: A total of 310 awards were presented in this competition. The team from National Central University won the most medals, with a total of 19 medals. Image 3: The 2022 Taiwan Innotech Expo attracted nearly ten thousand visitors during its three-day exhibition, providing a firsthand experience of

"Taiwan Innotech Expo 2022" will gather nearly a thousand booths showcasing 500 innovative achievements. The grand exhibition will take place from October 13th to 15th.

2022 "Taiwan Innotech Expo" (TIE) will be presented in a Hybrid manner, with the physical exhibition taking place from October 13th to 15th at Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition Hall 1, featuring over 400 exhibitors utilizing nearly a thousand booths. The online exhibition will be held from October 11th to 20th, allowing visitors to engage in online interactions and discussions with exhibitors. The combination of physical and online exhibitions will showcase innovative achievements from both domestic and international inventors. Taiwanese inventors have recently achieved remarkable success at the 2022 Korea WiC World Innovation Contest held in August, winning an impressive total of 28 gold, 6 silver, and 3 bronze awards, ranking as the top international awardee and further highlighting Taiwan's innovative prowess. This year's Innotech Expo will comprise three main exhibition areas: "Invention Competition Zone," "Three Major Theme Pavilions," and "Public Service Zone." The diverse range of exhibits and technological items include more than 500 entries from domestic and international inventors, schools, and groups competing for platinum awards in the Invention Competition Zone. Exhibiting inventors will have the opportunity to communicate closely with local visitors, as well as engage in diverse exchanges with international inventors and related industry players, effectively showcasing their innovative technologies and expanding commercial opportunities for the showcased innovative works. This year's Innotech Expo features numerous exhibits related to healthcare and daily life in the post-pandemic era. One example is the "Intelligent Hand Hygiene Device and Its Monitoring System" by Asia University of Science and Technology, designed to address the impact of the pandemic and aging population. Users can wear an identity-sensing bracelet to record handwashing times and body temperature, and transmit blood oxygen data into user profiles to detect potential infections early. Additionally, visitors to the expo will have the chance to explore the mysteries of new technologies, including highly sought-after applications like semiconductors, 5G communication, and AI. The team from Feng Chia University has developed the "Virtual Navigation Path Generation Method," which differs from conventional augmented reality systems and generates virtual paths with accurate proportions and relative positions, achieving optimal AR navigation effects using cutting-edge technology. The current Innotech Expo also aligns with the trend of zero carbon emissions and ESG, featuring a variety of low-carbon, energy-saving, and sustainable inventions. These innovative ideas contribute to protecting the planet. An example is the "Method and Apparatus for Making Curved Structures in Paper Straws," which addresses environmental issues caused by traditional plastic straws and improves the bending limitation of paper straws. This invention has gained attention from domestic and international manufacturers amidst active plastic reduction policies globally. For visitors eager to explore the future of technology, seizing the opportunity to participate in this year's Innotech Expo is a must. Register in advance on the official website to easily enter the exhibition using a QR code during the event. General attendees can complete an online questionnaire for free entry. For more exhibition information, please visit the official exhibition website: www.inventaipei.com.tw or contact via e-mail: invent@taitra.org.tw. The physical allocation meetings for the 2022 Innotech Expo's Invention Competition Zone and Patent Product Zone have been completed, and the innovative results will be showcased to visitors in October. The 2022 Innotech Expo is open to relevant industry professionals and the general public for free admission. You are welcome to visit and experience the boundless creativity of inventors from both Taiwan and abroad.  

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