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The Future Tech Pavilion (FUTEX), co-organized by NSTC, Academia Sinica, MOE, and MOHW, themed as "Global Tech and Industry tie with Taiwan", gathering cutting-edge research achievements from all over the world.


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Development of Novel Nanocomplex FFP for Nano-Radioimmunotherap y Application

According to our previous investigation, iron-platinum nanoparticles (FeP t NPs) have promising applicability in cancer diagnosis and therapy due to the excellent biocompatibility and dual imaging of CT/MRI. Furthermore, f or clinical practices, FePt NPs have the ability to overcome resistance to se veral treatments such as radio- and tyrosine kinase inhibitor (TKI) therapy, which endows the potential capability for translated nanomedicine. In our study published in 2021, as compared with control cells, FePt NPs was fou nd to be accumulated more efficiently in human copper transporter 1 (hCt r1) overexpressing cancer cells which exhibited a radiotherapy resistant p henotype. The combination of X-ray and FePt NPs can amplify the therape utic efficacy of ionizing radiation, which is mediated by mitochondrial da mage induced ROS burst in vitro and in vivo. In addition, under the suppo rt of MOST (MOST 110-2314-B-006-017), we found another functionalityof FePt NPs to be a novel ferroptosis-inducer which holds great promising to treat mesenchymal drug tolerant persister cells (DTPC) in non-small-cel l lung cancer (NSCLC) harboring epidermal growth factor receptor (EFGR) mutations. Although FePt NPs have great potential for therapeutic applica tion, there are some obstacles should be overcome such as natural hydrop hobicity, poor liquid dispersion, and tumor targeted capability. Recently, w e have developed a novel nanocomplex (FePt@FTY-TPGS) with FTY720, a n antagonist of sphingosine-1-phosphate 1 receptor , attached and TPGS encapsulation without affecting the inherent magnetic properties. Well di spersion in liquid phase and a superior cell killing efficacy of nanocomplex than raw FePt NPs inspired us to explore the related capability for nano-ra dioimmunotherapy as well as the mechanism of action (MOA) in our estab lished intra-arterial (IA) administrated mice and canine clinical models whi ch all indicated the great potential for further cancer disease treatment.

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